Founding Donors

Thank you to the Founding Donors who have established the Green Fellowship and Sustainable Living and Learning Communities Program Fund. Each Founding Donor has made a five year commitment of at least $500 per year to supporting these programs.


Karen Charney '92 (WEF*, Student Co-ops, SCHA**)

Felicia Clark '88 In Loving Memory of Carol Anne Clark '86

Willard Dakin '83 (WEF, Student Farm)

Poppy Davis '88 (Coffee House, Experimental College, SCHA, WEF)

Rochelle Ereman, M.S. '89 (Coffee House, WEF, Student Farm) and the Normal Family

David Goldman '85 (WEF) and Lisa Cort

Carol Hillhouse M.S. '88 (Student Farm, SCHA, CAAC***) and Steve Schoenig '87, MS '90 (SCHA, CAAC)

Ken '82 (Experimental College, WEF) and Lindsay Joye

Jill Klein, M.S. '91 (Student Farm) and Steve Matthiasson, M.S. '96 (Student Farm)

Julie, M.S. '79 and Craig '76 McNamara

Gary Parsons '88 (Coffee House, Outdoor Adventures, WEF)

Pazala Foundation, Directors: Christina Manansala West ’85 (WEF, Experimental College) and Jack West

Mary Pezzuto '84 (Studio Art, California Aggie, MU Die-In '83, WEF KP '83-84) and Paul Farrington '85 (Studio Art, Mandela-King Sit-in '85, WEF KP & Staff '82-86)

jesikah maria ross '87 (WEF, Experimental College, KDVS, People's Monitor Entertainment Council, CAAC, Students Organizing Against Apartheid, Protocol for Peace)  and Thom Sterling '88

Dawn M.M. Student '86 (WEF)

Mark Van Horn '78, M.S. '83 (Student Farm, CAAC) and Scarlet Huber '85 (Student Farm, CAAC and Agrarian Effort)

Doug Walter, M.S. '88 (WEF, SCHA)

Justine Lew Weinberg '85 (WEF) and Mitch Weinberg '86 (Coffee House)

Christie Westall ’73 (Domes)

We would also like to acknowledge the many additional donors who are supporting the Green Fellowships and SLLC Program Fund:

HeatherAsh Amara ’89

Renee Baldocchi ’86 (Experimental College, WEF)

Dennis and Barbara Burtraw

Brooke Carlson

Aimee and Peter Crawford

Michele Flom and Robert Echols

Danielle Fodor and Luis Sierra

Annika Forester and Miguel Ahumada

Diane Green

Deborah and Edmund Green

Melissa '97 and Rob Haworth '97

Sunny Shine

Russ Watts ’95 (WEF, Domes)

Steve Wong '86 (Experimental College, WEF)


*Whole Earth Festival

**Solar Community Housing Association

*** Central American Action Committee

The Memorandum of Understanding sent by the Founding Donors to Dean Helene Dillard of the College of Agricultural and Environmental Sciences can be viewed here.