Past Green Fellows

2022-2023: Green Fellows for the coming academic year will be announced in May of 2022!

  • Carlie Domingues - "Green Fellowship: Incubator for LANDBACK, Ecosystem and a Biocultural University" (with Sarah McCullough, Assoc. Director for the UC Davis Feminist Research Institute)
  • Kees Hood - “Tri Co-ops Habitat Enhancement Project” (with Kaitlin Oki, Landscape Stewardship Coordinator for the Solar Community Housing Association)

2021-2022 Fellows:

  • Avery Williamson - “Utilizing waste water for a greywater garden at the UCD Student Farm” (Mentored by Emma Torbert, Student Farm Staff)
  • Suraya Akhenaton - “Woods Stewardship Project (Phase 2)” (Mentored by Katharina Ullman, Student Farm Director)

2020-2021 Fellows: 

  • Nancy Juarez - “Unconventional Roots” (Mentored by Prof. Liza Grandia, Native American Studies)
  • Brianna ‘Bee’ Arechiga - “Oasis Project: Nourishing Ethical Stewardship, Passing Down Plant Medicine and Archiving Ancestral Practice” (Mentored by SLLC Staff)

2019-2020 Fellows:

  • Gabriela Fontanesi - "Social Justice and Sustainable Management in the Student Farm Vineyard" (Mentored by Jim Muck, Student Farm Staff)
  • Destiny Padilla - “Community Autonomous Collective” (Mentored by Prof. Natalia Deeb-Sosa, Chicana/o Studies)

2018-2019 (Inaugural) Fellows:

  • Aina Smart-Truco - “What Makes an Activist” interactive historical timeline (Mentored by Prof. David de la Peña)
  • Christopher Almaraz - “History of Student Activism” presented @ Whole Earth Festival (Mentored by Kait Murray, LGBT Resource Center)